The Quiver Foundation is a beacon of hope for many struggling with substance abuse in Cape Town. With fifteen percent of the city’s population and a staggering ninety-five percent of its homeless community grappling with addiction, the foundation’s mission is critical. Substance abuse also accounts for eighty percent of the city’s crime, making the foundation’s work essential for the broader community.

The Quiver Foundation focuses on life transformation, offering individuals the opportunity to overcome their obstacles and achieve a healthy, financially sustainable life. Their approach combines mentorship and financial support, carefully selecting individuals who show a genuine desire to change, a strong commitment to recovery, and a willingness to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Every week, rehabilitation coordinators Frank and Wilma meet with numerous individuals battling substance abuse, providing them with hope and a hot drink. Those who display a sustained dedication to transforming their lives are assigned a mentor. This mentor works closely with them, developing a personalized recovery path. The foundation encourages these individuals to share their recovery journey, which is then communicated to the community through a mailing list. Fundraising efforts finance the various stages of their recovery journey, including detoxification, rehabilitation, and post-care support, such as housing and employment assistance.

The process begins with the selection phase, conducted in partnership with Freedom Church Cape Town, where individuals can get food, a hot drink, and hear messages of hope. The six-month process identifies individuals demonstrating consistency, honesty, personal ownership, and a willingness to change. Following selection, individuals enter a detox program in a primary care hospital clinic, offering secure, upmarket halfway-house accommodation and full-time counsellors for substance abuse issues.

The next phase is a five-week rehabilitation program that starts after detoxification. Patients join a scheduled treatment program managed by a multidisciplinary team, including social work, occupational therapy, psychology, medical, and religious support. Finally, the reintegration phase provides one-on-one mentorship, church community support, accommodation support, medical and dental assistance, educational support, workforce integration, and societal reintegration.

The Quiver Foundation’s comprehensive approach not only aims to help individuals overcome addiction but also to reintegrate them into society, supporting them with a network of mentors, social workers, medical professionals, and friends. Despite the challenges, including the fact that only three percent of individuals remain clean for a year after rehabilitation, the foundation’s efforts are crucial in paving the way for a healthier and safer community.

the Team

Luke McGowan – Founder & Mentor
Luke McGowan founded the Quiver Foundation after studying theology and spending over eight years building churches in India, Europe, and South Africa. In addition to starting his own companies, Luke combined his pioneering spirit with his love for people to establish the foundation.

Jasmina McGowan – Chief Finance Officer
Jasmina McGowan, co-founder of Quiver, brought her passion for people and financial expertise to the foundation. With two master’s degrees in economics and microfinance, she has extensive experience in financial management and runs her own financial consultation company.

Frank Gie – Rehabilitation Coordinator & Mentor
Frank Gie, a co-founder, brings unique experience and a deep commitment to helping people overcome addiction. He oversees the rehabilitation and aftercare branches, actively mentoring individuals on their recovery journey.

Wilma Gie – Rehabilitation Coordinator & Mentor
Wilma Gie, another co-founder, contributes her extensive experience and knowledge to the Quiver team. Her daily work with TBHIV Care reflects her passion for serving people, making a significant impact on the foundation’s operations.

Willem Vorster – Treasurer & Trustee
Willem Vorster is an experienced financial advisor and entrepreneur who brings a high level of professionalism to Quiver’s operations. His strong empathy for people drives his dedication to helping those in need.